EY-Parthenon Retail Performance Ranking 2019 - Dutch Retailer Review

1. September 2020
by  Robert van Rooij, Marc van der Goot, Bob Chermin and Teun van der Zijden

December, Christmas – it is the time of the year that we shop heavily for our loved ones and for ourselves. It is also the perfect time to look back at how consumers have valued shopping at different Dutch retailers in 2019. What format is most exciting to visit, where do consumers believe they get the biggest bang for the buck and which retailer has the most polarized or loyal customer base? Check this and more out in the Parthenon Retail Performance Ranking - 2019 edition.

And the overall winner is... 

...not a surprise! For the 10th consecutive year, bol.com is the most favoured retailer among Dutch shoppers. Apart from its unrivalled (online) shopping experience, bol.com still is the most trusted retailer with the most relevant product range. Good lessons for Amazon – only ranked 62nd – when pursuing to conquer the Dutch market over the next years. IKEA claims the runner-up position in the overall rank, partly because consumers are (a)mazed when walking down the store paths: it is the most fun place to shop in the Netherlands. Among the strong climbers are new kids JD Sports and Decathlon but also (rediscovering) icons of Dutch retail: Blokker, Kruidvat and HEMA.

Parthenon Retail Performance Ranking

These are just some of the results from the Parthenon Retail Performance Ranking 2019. An annual study by the strategy consulting firm EY-Parthenon among 4,500+ consumers on 82 Dutch retailers on a wide range of topics, allowing for deep and valuable insights into the Dutch and international retail landscape. The study reveals retailer’s proposition strengths & opportunities versus competition and its funnel performance, per targeted customer group(s) and sales channel.

If you want to know the details of your retail format (of interest), please send me a direct message on LinkedIn or write me an e-mail to discuss: robert.van.rooij@parthenon.ey.com