EY-Parthenon B.V.
Office: Rotterdam
Year Joined: 2014
Education: Maastricht University

What does the role of a consultant entail?

As a consultant, you will likely be given the opportunity to lead your first cases. While an associate is typically responsible for a specific analysis or work stream, consultants are responsible for understanding how a specific market works for each of their projects. In addition to guiding and managing junior team members, the consultant is responsible for synthesizing relevant insights into a compelling story and conveying key messages to the client’s management team.

What aspects of EY-Parthenon appeal to you?

I really enjoy the variety of our work: the diversity of clients and industries, the broad array of project types and the different backgrounds of my colleagues. These elements combined to create an environment in which I can develop myself rapidly, while going to work with a smile every day.

Did you expect that before you started working here?

Thanks to several conversations I had with EY-Parthenon before applying, I was well aware of what to expect. However, the pace at which I learned about new industries and made contact with executives of leading firms was way beyond my expectations. In my first year, I interacted regularly with C-suite executives, and in just over three years, I have engaged with about 20 companies in multiple industries.

What characteristics should an EY-Parthenon team member have to support clients in their strategic thinking?

Curiosity is one of the most important characteristics. Having a natural drive to meet new people, discover new industries and bring fact-based, yet unconventional, thinking to a project can help you go far.

What is one of your favorite cases that you’ve work on?

My favorite case was a large efficiency improvement program for a leading European food distributor. It was one of my first projects for EY-Parthenon, but I immediately got a lot of responsibility and ownership of several work streams. Through several stages, we helped the client identify potential cost-improvement levers. Our data-driven, hands-on approach enabled me to get a unique view into the company’s inner workings. Through several site visits, I gained a detailed understanding of the production process. The highlight, without a doubt, was being part of the night shift for one night. A truly unique experience.