Office: Rotterdam
Year Joined: 2013
Undergraduate School: Erasmus University Rotterdam
Graduate School: Erasmus University Rotterdam

What do you like about your home office’s location?

I really like the office itself. It is located right next to “de Maas,” and from the inside it “breathes” the real Rotterdam: industrialized and a no-nonsense mentality.

If you took part as an intern in our Consultant program, did you find the experience valuable?

My internship gave me the opportunity to participate on two client projects, and as such, experience what it is like to be an Associate. I found it most valuable that one gets the exact same responsibilities as a full-time hire; that way you’ll soon determine if strategy consulting is something for you.

What has been your favorite case to date and why?

My favorite project was to develop a potato sourcing strategy for a leading player in the global potato processing industry. This project clearly exhibited the added value of a strategy consultant, without having deep specific knowledge at the start of the project. We started with absolutely zero knowledge about potato farming in specifics, and what drives extreme price volatility throughout several harvest years. After understanding the merits and thorough analysis on internal sourcing data, we transformed the company from a player allocating resources to the potato stock market to a player focused on longer-term fixed price contracts. Along the way, we identified 25% of sourcing cost savings by changing the way potatoes were bought.

How do you feel EY-Parthenon stands out in the type of work that we do?

Given the relatively high share of work for PE firms, I have completed projects for 15 different clients in 12 different sectors during my first three years at EY-Parthenon, in contrast to several other consultancies where consultants often are staffed on projects of six plus months for the same client.

EY-Parthenon is known as a place that provides a significant learning experience, and after three years I can only say this has exceeded my expectations. From the first day on, you really get the feeling that you are adding value. During my first six months, I have been able to join meetings with CEOs and lead client interviews myself. After one year, I was already managing larger work streams, and now I already find myself managing one or more juniors.

How do you feel about your colleagues at EY-Parthenon?

The most important reason I enjoy going to work every day is my colleagues. Next to the fact that I like to work with such like-minded and outgoing people, they are now also becoming my friends, with whom I spend a lot of time outside work.

What types of activities are there outside of the typical work day?

Throughout the year, EY-Parthenon organizes many events for training, but also several just for fun, enabling even more bonding with your colleagues.