EY-Parthenon B.V.
Office: Rotterdam
Year Joined: 2012
Education: Erasmus and Leiden University

What does the role of a manager entail?

I function as the first point of contact for the project team, the partners and the client. Together with the team, we develop our thinking, execute analyses and write the document. I keep the partners informed about our progress and in team meetings we discuss the next steps. I also have a role in informing and involving the client throughout the process, and I often take on part of the presentation.

What do you like most about your role?

The most interesting thing is the dynamic between the project team, partners and client. It’s fun to work toward a result with the project team. I like the process of constant learning and I enjoy coaching others. In addition, I always learn a lot from collaborating with the partners. Ultimately, it all comes together in the contact with the client. The variation among clients always makes this interaction exciting!

What is special about EY-Parthenon to you?

Everyone is highly motivated to achieve the best possible result and learn from each other. There is room to make mistakes, praise each other, and give and receive feedback. Associates, Managers and Partners work very closely together, so everyone feels involved in what is going on. In addition to working hard, we also laugh and relax together. This creates a healthy balance. I think back to our skiing trips in Switzerland, Spain and Austria. These trips are always a lot of fun, with great dinners and drinks until the early morning hours. In addition, I can also think of a number of great projects that have made EY-Parthenon special, such as working with a regional transportation company and a large Dutch food producer.