EY-Parthenon B.V.
Office: Rotterdam
Year Joined: 2018
Education: Erasmus University Rotterdam

What type of work do you do in your role as an associate at EY-Parthenon?

The type of work you do is very broad and can vary considerably between different projects. However, typical things an associate might do include setting up a survey, organizing and holding interviews, mapping the competitive playing field or running various analyses on company data. Project managers make sure you are challenged with something new in every project which greatly benefits your own development.

What is one of your favorite projects that you’ve worked on?

In one of my recent projects we worked for a client that was looking to purchase an optical chain and wanted to know more about possible synergies. My responsibilities were to identify operational synergies related to procurement, warehousing and distribution. It was very interesting to map the supply chain processes for these different companies – this required many discussions within the team, with partners and with the client to get all the facts straight. Within a couple of weeks I learned a lot about all the dynamics in this market, which really impressed me, and was able to identify a number of potentially interesting synergies.

Why did you choose EY-Parthenon?

During my studies I joined EY-Parthenon’s strategy course and was immediately convinced this would be a great place to work. The vibrant and open atmosphere as well as the passionate and motivated people really appealed to me. Additionally, the focus on consumer products and retail and down-to-earth vibe of a Rotterdam office played an important role in my decision. So far, it has been a very fun and rewarding choice!

How would you describe the culture at EY-Parthenon?

Just like the city of Rotterdam, EY-Parthenon has a hands-on and no-nonsense attitude, but besides hard work, there is enough room for fun in various forms.