Associate Partner 
EY-Parthenon B.V. 
Office: Rotterdam 
Year Joined: 2008 
Education: Utrecht University

What does the role of an Associate Partner entail?

I spend most of my time on what I like most: assisting clients in developing lasting solutions for their business challenges. My role bestrides that of a manager and a partner, so my responsibilities range from coaching engagement managers and project teams on the day-to-day work to working directly with clients at the most senior levels. Besides advising clients and coaching teams, I work on business development to strengthen our organization’s position in the market.

EY-Parthenon B.V. is well represented internationally. How important is this?

Very important as clients often operate cross-nationally and expect the same from us. I have worked quite a lot outside the Netherlands, such as in the UK, Sweden, Ireland, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Vietnam, Australia and UAE, and I always think it is a lot of fun and a privilege to do so. 

How would you describe the EY-Parthenon culture?

I believe EY-Parthenon’s culture is down-to-earth, pragmatic, energetic, hard-working and entrepreneurial. If you have an idea, you get a lot of support and room to actually make it happen, which I think is an important reason why we are able to innovate and develop as a firm.

What skills, characteristics, or other factors do you think ultimately led to you becoming an Associate Partner?

Through a combination of hard work, having tremendous fun in the job and getting great coaching from colleagues at all levels of the organization.